What are Mint Certified Products?

Everyday we select a certain amount of products to be FREE for a limited time when you use the code MINTDEAL. These products are chosen by our customers based on votes and what is popular! These products cycle everyday so make sure to check daily to see if a product you like is part of the FREE deal of the Day!

Make sure you look for the Mint Certified Logo on the product to see if it is part of the Free Product of the Day Discount!

Check out below the current Deals Available :

Fast delivery

Delivery sent directly to the customer within 24 hours of ordering!

14-days return

Don't like your product? We will take it back and offer a full refund!

Online support

Available 24/7 we are always here to answer any kind of questions


Some of our most asked questions below

We have gotten a lot of questions about our Mint Certified Free Deal of the Day Promotion! Here are some of the most popular ones answered.

Is it Really Free?

  • "YES! It really is free, but only for a limited time, once the discount ends it goes back to its regular price. Depending on where you are located some shipping rates may apply."

How Many can I order?

  • "We only offer ONE free product per customer so that we don't go through our stock too fast!."

How can you afford to sell a Free Product?

  • "It's hard but we have built up a great customer base so we are able to offer select deals on Occassion. We hope people love our store and come back to buy our other great products and become lifelong customers of Mint Market ".

Are the Free Products good Quality?

  • "Our free products are the same great quality as any of our other products in our store. They are just Free for a limited time so there is no difference in quality from one to another!."

How long does it take to ship to me?

  • "We ship out our products immediatly after the order, usually within 12 hours. Depending on location it can very the shipping time, however we do offer multiple shipping choices for people who would like faster shipping or cheaper shipping."

Are there any Hidden Fees?

  • "ABSOLUTELY NOT! The price you see is what you pay, there are no hidden fees or charges of any kind."

What if I dont like my product?

  • "We hope everyone loves the products they order from us, but if there is any product we will accept any return for a full refund".